adidas running and international space station
concept, art direction
saying goodbye to gravity
running has a clear-arch enemy: gravity. but pushing boundaries is at the heart of sport. this is what turns plays into history. turns human achievements into moments of culture. it's how the impossible becomes possible. we took boost to space to learn what it does in zero gravity. 
during this collaboration, scientists studied the boost molding process without the distraction of earth's gravity, so adidas can unlock the future of boost. the objective was to leverage the findings at scale in boost midsoles of the future. adorned with an ISS U.S. National Laboratory space patch, this adidas shoe pays homage to this mission and as a symbol of the partners commitment to innovate.
they say if you wanna go quickly, go alone. but if you wanna go far, go together.
made in collaboration with tbwa\nebobo
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