lekker bikes, launch Gen3
concept to delivery, creative and film direction

LEKKER Bikes: The way we ride

The way we ride is a celebration of our everyday rides. It’s an ode to the bike we toss into the hedge when we’re happy to come home, the bike that we hold onto while we kiss goodbye, the bike we use to pick up our children. 
On our bike we can feel adventurous, ecstatic, bummed out or rushed. But no matter how we feel or what the conditions are, we always take our bike - our own way. 
That’s just the way we ride.
A no nonsense, warm, documentary feeling which makes you want to get on the bike and just go. The campaign portrays daily situations that are recognizable to every rider (and sure, maybe a tad romanticized).
made in collaboration with LEKKER Bikes
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