the social hub
concept creative direction, script writing

whatever your journey, it starts here.

a lively and colourful 360° campaign for the introduction of The Social hub, previously known as The Student Hotel. the concept aims to give people a sneak-peek into the different rooms at The Social Hub, sparking imagination and inspiring people to start a new journey. using photography and a bright cinematic video that transitions effortlessly between indoor and outdoor scenes, The Social Hub’s role in being at the heart of social connections is encapsulated in the work.
the campaign video of ‘Whatever Your Journey, it Starts Here’, is directed by Berlin-based duo A Nice Idea Studio, accompanied by a photo campaign shot by Elza Jo Tratlehner. It depicts the journeys the brand’s community go on and how these come together through experiences at The Social Hub – from a personal growth journey of a student, to a business growth journey of a entrepreneur building an impactful business, to travellers meeting new people. The video shows connections being made and is an invitation to join The Social Hub’s community.
made in collaboration with HALAL Studios
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